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Energy Efficiency in Air Conditioning

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC+R) is essential in all indoor environments to ensure a pleasant, comfortable and safe work environment. In commercial buildings around the world, 70 % of energy usage and 63 % of greenhouse gas emissions are estimated to be contributable to heating, cooling and ventilation.  HVAC+R typically accounts for 40-50 percent of the total energy bill for businesses and commercial buildings. Any inefficiency in your air conditioning system will be shown by higher than expected electricity bills and continuous breakdowns.

Corrosion of your unit is only a matter of time.

With corrosion comes a slow but inevitable loss of heat exchange efficiency which ultimately wastes electricity and costs money. The outdoor condenser / air cooled chiller unit is highly susceptible to corrosion. Once corrosion has started the lost efficiency is difficult to recover. If the corrosion is significant the coil will obviously be replaced at a huge cost. THERMAL-XR Restore allows for a corroded coil to be protected  with a conductive coating and have its heat exchange efficiency restored permanently.